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Monday, November 22, 2010

Pretty good day!

Today was actually a pretty good day. School was fun, and i can't wait until tomorrow. We get out of 6th and 7th periods for dodge-ball tournaments! I am not on a team because i didn't sign up. But i am very excited to watch it! PLUS, it is our last day of school for this week!(: Today in Math class Aubrey and I laughed so hard we cried, but the only bad thing that happened is i got in a little bit of trouble, but it was for something stupid that a lot of other people were doing, so i shouldn't have been the only one to get called down for it! But oh well, it was actually pretty funny.
xoxo, Lexie <3


  1. ???????????????????????????? :)

  2. I walked in the grass on the way back from lunch today, and now i gotta sit alone in gym before we walk to lunch. It is stupid! lol